GcMail Safe-Referenzen

GcMail Safe-Referenzen.
Lesen Sie, was die Webseitenbetreiber über unseren Passwort Manager GcMail Safe schreiben und wo GcMail Safe gelistet ist.

GcMail Safe-Referenzen

Store all your passwords with the help of this straightforward manager that lets you import of export all your data for ease of navigation
In order to entrust an application with your sensitive data, it must first meet a series of criteria, the most important of which it high security levels.
GcMail Safe is a password manager that claims to offer just that while letting you neatly organize all your info and putting at your disposal a series of extra tools, such as the file encryptor it integrates.

Straightforward password manager
Before anything else, users should know that installing GcMail Safe is a quick and straightforward operation that requires minimal tech skills on your part. Furthermore, the GUI it prompts you with once this step is complete is equally clean, and little trial and error is needed in order to figure out how it works.

In order to start creating your password database, all you need to do is add entries one by one or resort to the “File” menu in order to import them.

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GcMail Safe-Referenzen
GcMail Safe-Referenzen

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