Information on updating and updating our products

What’s the difference
between an update and a

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Updates-Upgrade Information


Updates for the current version are always free of charge and are automatically displayed in the program. You must always initiate this update yourself. A new version (update) is not automatically installed on your computer.

Upgrade: You will be informed by e-mail about a new extended version/full version if you have subscribed to our newsletter. ( Double-Opt-In procedure). An upgrade license (only for licensed users) can be purchased at a preferential price.

Use of the license
No subscription! The user licenses for the GcMail product versions have no time limit. This means that they do not expire. Each user can decide at his own discretion whether to replace an older existing license with an upgrade license of a higher program version (for example: 6/7/8/9 to GcMail 10).


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