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29,20/License incl.VAT
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  • 40% discount on a future upgrade
  • 1 year support and updates
Quantity discount from the second license

From the second license we provide discount on each product.
From 2 licenses     20%
From 10 licenses  25%
From 30 licenses  30%

Upgrade license

You will receive (only for licensed users) a full version at a preferential price with 40% discount . Please ask for your voucher code. We will send you the voucher code as soon as possible.

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Do I have to purchase a new license every year?

No, you do not have to. You can use your purchased version as long as you want. If there is a new full version, such as from version 10 to 11, then you can purchase an upgrade license at a reduced price.

How to get my software and license

Once the purchase is completed, you will receive your data such as invoice/license and download link via email from Digistore24.

Can I use the license on more than one PC?

No, this is not possible. You need one license for each computer – USB stick.

Do I get support?

Yes, we will of course support you if you have any problems. Please write us an e-mail.

How long will I receive support?

We generally provide 12 months support via email from the date of purchase.

Do I get support by phone?

No, we do not usually provide support by phone.

Who is the seller of our software products

After purchase, you will receive your product license and invoice by email from our long-time partner Digistore24. If you have any questions about your purchase, please contact Digistore24. If you purchased a license through our reseller Digistore 24, Digistore24 is your contact for questions about your order.
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You can find your license or invoice on the Digistore24 website. Find order
If you have any problems with our software, please contact our support.

Payment Processing:
The payment processing, invoice and delivery is done through our ResselerDigistore24.

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