Overview of the features of the Password Manager

Password management made easy

Install the password manager directly on a USB stick or save your master password on a USB stick and start the program with the USB stick without entering the master password. Both variations can be used.

In addition, the program contains a password generator with which you can create your own passwords. When generating a password, use at least 12 characters with special characters, letters or numbers.


  Installing the program on a USB stick
  URL icon (favicon) is displayed
  Password generator
  Import passwords
  Lock the program when minimizing

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The program interface of GcMail Safe is kept very simple. You will see how easy it is with this program to drag and drop the access data into the form fields.


If files have been encrypted with GcMail Safe, they can be opened from within the program. If you close this file again, it is automatically encrypted.


It is possible to change the appearance of the program interface. It is easy to allow the entries to display in categories or uses the group function.



Create a new entry in the input mask. The input mask is simple and clearly arranged.


Under the options you can make some settings. It is possible to change the master password, add the saving time to the clipboard and lock the program after minimizing.


Search for your entries either via the “Search” function or on the program interface. Depending on the search entry, a further window will open in which all entries with the search term will be listed.

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