Password Manager

GcMail Safe is a simple, small but fine password manager that keeps all your passwords safe. Your data will not be stored on an external server, you decide where you want to store your backups in addition encrypted. You can save your password to a USB stick and start the program with your USB stick.  The key on your USB stick is only usable in conjunction with the logged-in user of the computer with which this key was created.

GcMail safe can of course also protect individual files on your computer, with a password of your choice.


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Start the password manager with only one password, searching your passwords has an end.

USB stick

Save your password directly from the safe, onto your USB stick and start the program with it.


Select whether you want your entries to be grouped or simply to be among each other.

Encrypting files

Encrypt secure individual files. You can use your master password or a password of your choice.

Drag & Drop

Use the drag and drop function to drag your user name and password into the input fields of the Web pages..

Lock Program

Lock GcMail Safe automatically when you minimize the program.



GcMail safe automatically loads the favicons of the website. This gives you a quicker overview. If you do not want the icons, you can disable this feature.

Secure passwords

Create secure passwords to keep your data secure