Whats new password manager

Read here what changes or corrections have been fixed. Please keep your version of GcMail Safe up to date.

GcMail Safe 2 – 2.1.30 (Published 11.01.2018)

  • Empty clipboard directly or after interval (adjustable in the options) (new)
  • Copy function to clipboard with drag & drop removed


GcMail Safe 2 – 2100 (Published 21.10.2017)

  • Main window always in the foreground (new)
  • installation in 5 languages (new)
  • Searching with special characters is not always possible (Bugfix)


Version (Published 11.08. 2017)

  • New Query Extras / History
  • New Toolstrip Button Text is adjusted to width
  • Search window with reference
  • Not sorted by selected category after deletion (FIX)
  • Smaller improvements