Simple, secure password manager

GcMail Safe is a simple, small, non-overloading password manager that keeps your passwords absolutely secure. Your data will not be stored on an external server. You decide where you want to save your backups, you have the possibility to store your master password on a USB-Stick to start the program. The master password of your USB flash drive can only be used in conjunction with the registered user of the computer with which this key was created.

The program encrypts individual files (all formats) on your computer with a password of your choice or with the master password. These encrypted files are displayed in an additional list, regardless of the directory where the encrypted files are located. This way you can open these encrypted files directly on the program temporary.


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Password Manager

Feature overview

Master password

Start the Password Manager with only one password, the search for your passwords has an end.

Lock Program

Automatically block GcMail Safe when minimizing.

USB stick

Create your master password on a USB stick and start the program from the USB stick.

Encrypt data

Encrypt the individual files you want to protect from others. You can use your master password or a new one.


Select whether you want your entries to be grouped or displayed as a list.

Create secure passwords

Create secure passwords to protect your data on the Internet.

Drag & Drop

Use the drag & drop function to move the user name and password to the input fields of web pages.


GcMail Safe automatically downloads favicons from the website, giving you a quick overview. If you do not want the icons, this function can be deactivated.

Screenshot Passwort Manager