What’s New

Read here to find out what changes or error correction have been made. Please keep your GcMail version up to date.

Version (Published 16.11.2017)

  • set line spacing not activated (fixed)

Version (Published 12.11.2017)

  • Write reply: Optimized display and writing (improved)
  • error messages create notes (fix)
  • Font not always default font when replying (fix)
  • Manual Account Entry: Error message if no internal account name is entered.(fix)
  • Smaller optimizations and improvements

Version (Published 23.10.2017)

  • Send outgoing mail with account “0” is not possible (Bugfix)
  • Priority flag is not activated when sending (Bugfix)
  • text/plain encoding like text/html on quoted-printible (modified)
  • Smaller optimizations and improvements

Version (Published 14.08.2017)

  • Memos Symbols Open/Save file swapped
  • Cards in contacts are not selected immediately
  • Missing refresh when deleting contacts
  • translate: Interface Bing is no longer provided
  • Smaller optimizations and improvements

Version (Published 04.06 2017)

  • Sound is missing when new mails arrive
  • Delete message: next message is not always updated immediately)
  • Smaller optimizations and improvements

Version (Published 2017-02-22)

  • Deletion sometimes only works after restart (Fix)
  • With only one account there is a wrong “Receive all” message (fixed)
  • Smaller optimizations and improvements


Version (Published 2017-02-21)

  • Account name must not begin with a number (0.. 9)
  • Spell checker: Luxembourgish added (NEW)
  • Delete attachment on POP3 account (NEW)
  • CTRL+ALT+B (FIX) Temporary images reload
  • Smaller optimizations and improvements

Version (Published 2017-01-15)

  • Main menu extended by delete and revoke immediately (only for POP3) (New)
  • Option/Read: Displaying text before HTML format in messages does not work (fixed)
  • Direct printing: Headers missing (fixed)
  • Move mail from Imap folder to local folder. Mail is then not deleted in the source folder (fixed)
  • Sound if IDLE is active (new messages available) (fixed)
  • Info window: Signed or encrypted messages cannot be sent from the outbox
  • Attachments with umlauts from other clients are not displayed correctly (fixed)
  • When deleting the first mail, the next mail remains empty (fixed)
  • Filter rules revised
  • Smaller optimizations and improvements


Version (Published 2016-12-07)

  • The recipient’s address is displayed in the folder” sent mails
  • Attachments with Contenttype MESSAGE/DELIVIRY-STATUS are not displayed correctly
  • Update required due to Kaspersky’s incorrect virus message (error alarm)

Version (Published 2016-12-02)

  • Shortcut (Ctrl-W) for Forward Mail (New)
  • Save Shortcut (Ctrl-E) for Design (New)
  • Shortcut (Ctrl-Y) for Synchronizing (New)
  • Open and save PDF. Border in points (1 point is 1/72 inch) o/u/l/r= 20/20/35/35/35 (New)
  • Headers for individual messages can be switched on/off (New)
  • External EML file is not opened (fixed)
  • Synchronous encryption is not possible (fixed)
  • Popup menu attachment is not always updated (fixed)
  • Fixed umlauts in some mail copies in the folder of mails sent with umlauts
  • Options new in file Options9. ini, thus refresh of all options