What’s new

Read here what changes and corrections have been made. Please keep your GcMail version up-to-date.

Version (Released 2017-08-14)

  • Query Tools / History does not work (FIX)
  • Notes Symbols File Open / save swapped (FIX)
  • Cards in contacts are not selected immediately(FIX)
  • Missing refresh when deleting contacts(FIX)
  • Translate: Interface Bing is no longer provided(FIX)
  • Smaller improvements and improvements


Version  (Released 2017-06-04)

  • Sound is missing when new mail arrives(FIX)
  • Delete message: Next message is not always updated immediately (FIX)
  • Smaller improvements

Version  (Released 2017-03-20)

  • T-Online: Copies in the folder sent mails not possible (FIX)
  • T-Online: New IMAP folder can not be created (FIX)
  • Copy to folder sentmails:Workaround for providers with faulty XLIST command(FIX)
  • Writing: “Only text format” also will be sent as HTML-format (FIX)
  • Send: Content-transfer-encoding of “8 bit” changed to “quoted-printable”
  • Smaller improvements

Version  (Released 2017-02-21)

  • Account name can not begin with a number (0..9) (FIX)
  • Spelling checker: Added Luxembourgish (NEW)
  • Delete attachment with POP3 account (NEW)
  • Images temporary reload CTRL + ALT + B (FIX)
  • Smaller improvements


Version  (Released 2017-01-21)

  • Delete main menu and delete recalls (for POP3 only) (NEW)
  • Option/Read: Display text before HTML format in messages does not work (FIX)
  • Direct printing: missing headlines (FIX)
  • Mail from lmap folder to local folder. Mail is not deleted in the source folder (FIX)
  • Sound when IDLE is active (new messages present) (FIX)
  • Infofenser: Signed or encrypted messages cannot be sent from the mail outbox (FIX)
  • Attachments with umlauts from other clients are not displayed correctly (FIX)
  • When deleting the first mail, the next mail remains empty (FIX)
  • Filter rules revised (FIX)
  • Smaller improvements (FIX)


Version  (Released 2016-12-07)

  • The recipient’s address is displayed in the “Sent mail” folder
  • Attachments with ContentType MESSAGE / DELIVIRY-STATUS are not displayed correctly
  • Update required due to malicious virus message (false alarm) from Kaspersky


Version  (Released 2016-12-02)

  • Forward Shortcut (Ctrl-W) for Mail (New)
  • Shortcut (Ctrl-E) for Draft (New)
  • Shortcut (Ctrl-Y) for Synchronize (New)
  • PDF öffnen und speichern. Rand in Points (1 point ist 1/72 inch) o/u/l/r= 20/20/35/35 (Neu)
  • Open and save PDF. Edge in Points (1 point is 1/72 inch) o / u / l / r = 20/20/35/35 (New)
  • External EML file is not opened (fixed)
  • Synchronous encryption does not work (fixed)
  • Popup menu attachment is not always updated (fixed)
  • Some mails sent to the folder in the folder are incorrect (fixed)
  • Options new in file Options9.ini, thereby refreshing all options

Version  (Released 2016-11-28)

  • Workaround Strato: Versand geht nicht (GcVist.dll geändert)

Version  (Released 2016-11-28)

  • Strato: Versand geht nicht (GcVist.dll geändert)
  • Function “Check for Update” does not work (fixed)

Version  (Released 2016-11-27)

  • S / MIME digital signing and encryption
  • IDLE function. Instant info about new e-mails
  • Create archive folder (mailbox and / or local)
  • Save or open a message directly as a PDF
  • New Images Insertion function
  • New fastband menu