E-mail program

GcMail (Mail) has all the features needed in an e-mail program. In addition, GcMail (Mail) has other useful functions that make it easier for you to work with our e-mail program. A special encryption function has been implemented to make the user, the storage folder and the sending of messages more secure. When encrypting your messages for dispatch, your recipient must use our mail client and of course know the password so that he or she can decrypt the messages with the password.


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E-Mail Programm


Use your own e-mail certificate and sign or encrypt your e-mails. With our e-mail program, this can be done in no time at all.

New mail with password

Protect your messages by encrypting them as they are sent.


Search/Advanced Search

The program has advanced search functions that make it easier for you to find the messages.



When you start our e-mail program, enter a secure password so that no one has access to your messages. It couldn’t be safer.


Write a note to your e-mail. The e-mail for which you created this note will be grayed out.

Color - User Interface

There are 11 different colours to choose from. Customize the mail program according to your wishes.

Password - Folder

You have stored messages in folders that should not be seen by anyone? Then simply protect the folder with a password.

Import Contacts

Import/Synchronize your Google, LiveMail or Outlook contacts

Create notes

Put a received message in the note function or send a note directly as a message..


Whether you want to archive your messages, attachments or entire folders in folders or on CD, our e-mail program can do a lot of things.


Import/Synchronize your Google, LiveMail or Outlook calendar


GcMail can be easily installed on a USB stick and synchronized with the PC version

Multiple users

Create multiple users and, if necessary, set a password for this user. Nobody can open this user without knowing the password.