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Emails have disappeared

If your e-mails have disappeared and are no longer displayed in your inbox (POP3) or in another local folder! The header information is visible and the preview window is empty!
probably the index file of the folder is defective. The content of your folder is still there, it just cannot be read.

To solve the problem, please follow our instructions.

Exit GcMail Mail.

Delete the idx file in the “Mails” folder.

You will find the folder under the following directory:

For the operating system versions (Vista/Win7/Win8/WIN10) please go to the public documents folder and the directory: /GcMail/GcMail/Mails

  1. Find the file posteingang.idx and delete the file.

When restarting GcMail (Mail) the file is automatically re-created. Now click on your inbox or on the folder that is affected. Your e-mails will be re-imported into the index file. If this does not happen automatically, mark the inbox and click the right mouse button once. Select “Reindex”. If the Inbox or the Local Folder is very large, re-indexing the headers may take some time. You can follow the process in the lower left corner of the program.

Note: Do not delete the file posteingangs.ms1, because then the inbox will be replaced by a new empty inbox when GcMail Mail is restarted.
is replaced.

If the problem occurs in a different local folder

 The local folders that can be affected:
sent mails
deleted mails

In addition, all folders you have created below the storage folder can be affected. The names of the folders are the names of the files.

For example:

The Private folder you might have created would then be the file privat.idx which must be deleted.


How does this problem occur!

  • The problem that e-mails are not displayed is unfortunately often caused by an incorrectly set virus program. This damages the index file.
  • Furthermore, the damage can be caused by the crash of the operating system while the e-mail is being received.
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