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Compress folder

Do not let local e-mail folders become unnecessarily bloated!

From time to time you should compress your Local Mail folders to avoid unnecessary folder bloat and to prevent losses. Why is that? When you move or delete a message from your inbox, the message is not really removed until you compress it. This causes the folders to inflate in the background without you noticing.

You can compress the local folders by right-clicking on the folder and selecting Compress.

Ordner komprimieren

If you get the following error message while compressing, you should proceed as described below.

nicht unnötig aufblähen


If it is the inbox:

  1. posteingang.ms1

Move the e-mails you need to a folder below your clipboard or create a new folder.

Go to the “Mails” folder of GcMail. You can find the folder under:

For Win7/Win8/Win8.1 under Libraries\Documents\Public Documents\GcMail\GcMail in the “Mails” folder

In Windows 10, you can find this file under public documents\GcMail\GcMail in the “Mails” folder.

Locate the posteingang.ms1 file and delete it.

Launch GcMail!

A new inbox is created when the program is started.

You can do the same with the following files if you get an error message when compressing the folders.

  • (gelöschte Mails) gelöschte Mails.ms1
  • (gesendete Mails) gesendete Mails.ms1
  • (Postausgang) postausgang.ms1
  • (Entwurf) entwurf.ms1

If it is a folder below the tray:

Simply create a new folder below the folder and paste (move) the mails from the broken folder there and then delete the broken folder.

The documentation of GcMail 11

The problem may occur due to:
  • Through an antivirus program.
  • When Windows simply exits even though GcMail is active and compress is set in the options when the program exits.
  • When compressing the operating system crashes.
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