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Create/use Yahoo App password

From 20.10.2020 you need a Yahoo App password for GcMail Mail and other e-mail programs

You can already generate an app password now, which you have to enter in GcMail in the settings/email account under login/password.

Attention important: Please put your old password for Yahoo aside, because you still need it to log in to your Yahoo account on the Yahoo website.

Please proceed as follows:

Log in to your Yahoo account, then click on this link:

You will reach the following page:


party app passwords -Yahoo Help

Click on the link “Log in and go to the Account Security page”. This will take you directly to the right place and you will not have to search for a long time.

At the very bottom of the account web page you will find the “Manage App Passwords” function. Click on it and a small window will open.


Click Select App and click Other App below.

Yahoo andere App auswählen

Enter your password that you already use in GcMail for mail retrieval and click on the Create button.

A new window will open with a new password in blue color.

Yahoo neues App-Passwort

Copy the password (blue) and paste the password into GcMail Mail under the account settings for Yahoo and save your change in the program

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