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Use Google Authenticator on PC

To use Google Authenticator with the WinAuth software, there is no need to install the program, just install the Download WinAuth and start.

Follow our steps

Download the software from https://winauth.github.io/winauth/download.html, unzip the file and start the program. Click on the “Add” button and select the Google Authenticator. (Only this Authenticator is currently usable with GcMail Safe)

Google Authentificator mit GcMail Safe 1

Proceed as shown in the picture. Close the program and start it. A window will appear where Google is already shown in the picture.

Google Authentificator auf PC
Google Authentificator mit GcMail Safe2

Now click on the round arrow on the right to create a new code. You must enter the code into GcMail Safe within 30 seconds. After that a new code will be automatically generated.

Google Authentificator mit WinAuth mit GcMail Safe 3

Note: Wf you use GcMail Safe on your USB flash drive and on your PC, you must create an account for both in Google Authenticator or WinAuth.

How to enable two-factor authentication in GcMail Safe

Read here how it works: Enable two-factor authentication

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