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Two-Factor Authentication

Starting with version it is possible to use the Password Manager with a “two-factor authentication”. This provides your passwords with an additional strong protection. The “two-factor authentication” can be activated in the settings of GcMail Safe.

What do you need:

1.An Android cell phone or optional WinAuth for the PC to use the Google Authenticator
2.How to use WinAuth, please read here

Install GcMail Safe assign the master password. After starting the program go to the settings of GcMail Safe. Under the File tab you can activate “Two Factor Authentication”. Before you do this, you should install the Google Authenticator on your cell phone or install the WinAuth program on your PC.

Follow the description.

Go to the Password tab and click on the “Enable two-factor authentication” button, another window will open.


Note-Important: First, you should print the window or save it as a PDF file. This is very important in case you have lost your phone or want to use a new phone.

Start the Authenticator and click on the (red) + sign at the bottom right. You will now be presented with a selection

1.) Scan barcode
2.) Enter key

If you select the first option, you can scan the barcode from GcMail Safe. If you select the second option, you can enter the account name and the security key.

Scanning the barcode will create an account in Google Authenticator. A 6-digit code will then be output. You can enter the code in the input field for the test (verification code) to check if you have entered everything correctly. Finally click on the “OK” button. The two-factor authentication is now active.

If you close GcMail Safe and start the program again, you must now enter and confirm the master password. Additionally, the two-factor authentication will start and you will need to enter the 6-digit code that is automatically displayed in Google Authenticator to start the program.


If you have forgotten or lost your phone, or if you prefer to use Windows 10 with Google Authenticator on your operating system, you can  WinAuth use. For information on how to set up this app, see here

Note: If you use GcMail Safe on your USB flash drive and on your PC, you must create an account for both in Google Authenticator or WinAuth.

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