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Notes on antivirus programs

On-Access Scanner

To avoid problems with antivirus programs and the archive databases of GcMail Archive. If you set the real-time scanner of your antivirus program to exclude the scanning of the archive databases.

The data stored via GcMail Archive is encrypted and cannot really be scanned by a virus scanner.

If a false alarm is triggered by your antivirus program, the archive databases could even be damaged.


E-mail Scanner

GcMail Archive uses the IMAP and POP3 protocol to access your e-mail inboxes via an encrypted port. A compatibility problem with an antivirus program cannot be excluded here. If you are unable to access your email accounts, the only thing left to do is to uninstall the antivirus program to solve the problem. If the problem could not be solved, please contact the manufacturer of your antivirus program.

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