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Import from local folder

If you receive an error message when importing your “local folders” from our e-mail program GcMail, this may be due to a defective file.

For example, if you want to import large local folders with 1 -2 or even 3 gigabytes from GcMail, compress the local folder first. This will remove old messages that are not visible to you before the import. You might get an error message when “compressing” that the folder is corrupt.

If so, you should first create a new folder in GcMail, move your old messages there and then start the import.

How to proceed if a local folder in GcMail is broken you can read in the FAQ of GcMail (10)

Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Import von sehr großen Daten-Ordner seine Zeit in Anspruch nimmt. Die Geschwindigkeit und Dauer hängt auch von der Rechnerleistung ab.Hier kommt der Inhalt hin
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