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Import from Thunderbird folder

Note, if error messages occur during import!

If your local Thunderbird folders are very large, you should compress these folders before importing, this will clean up the file and recreate it. This prevents possible errors during import. After compressing, you can perform the import via the main menu/Import-Export.

To import go to the import/export tab in GcMail Archive and click on the “Thunderbird” button. A dialog will open. Select the folders you want to import for archiving

Take a look at the extended documentation (DE). All steps are explained here.

IMAP protocol

If it is an IMAP account, you can directly create the account under the main menu “Account/IMAP and Archive POP3 Accounts”. This allows you to retrieve the emails directly from the respective provider’s email server. This has the advantage that the mailboxes/mailboxes can be synchronized with the e-mail server.

POP3 protocol (local mailboxes/folders)

If you download your e-mail messages from your provider via POP3 protocol without leaving a copy on the provider’s e-mail server, we have a tip for you. Please compress the folders under the e-mail program Thunderbird before you import the data. Right-click on the folder and select “Compress” from the context menu. Only then should you import the local folders from Thunderbird.

GcMail Archive Functions

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