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Import of local Outlook folders

Local folders of Outlook

Import – Note: if an error message appears!

If your local folders are very large, you should compress the mailboxes from the import. This will re-create the file and prevent possible errors during import. You can then perform the import via the main menu/Import-Export.

IMAP protocol

If you use the IMAP protocol in Outlook, you can create the e-mail account under the main menu “Account/IMAP and Archive POP3 Accounts”. This will retrieve the mailboxes directly from your e-mail box.  The e-mail messages are archived as a copy from your mailbox and are not deleted on the mail server.

POP3 protocol (local mailboxes/folders)

If you have completely downloaded your e-mail messages via POP3 protocol without leaving a copy on the provider’s e-mail server, you should first compress the folders in the Outlook mail program. To do this, right-click the folder in Outlook and select “Compress” from the context menu. In this way you can avoid, for example, that the import is interrupted by an error message.

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