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Storing data-archive folders on your own server

If the archive folder is to be stored in a separate network folder (server) and is to be accessed directly, you should use the folder “Mappen” (folders) for smooth storage.

If the operating system is defective or a change of hardware is necessary, the archive data and attachments are not affected

Note: Please make sure that the server must be accessible when you start the GcMail archive.
Additional note: It is not possible to access the archive folder with multiple users at the same time.


Create a folder on your server .

In Windows Explorer, go to the “This PC” directory and click on it.

Dieser PC

Go to the upper menu bar.

Now click on the tab “Computer” and select “Connect network drive”. A dialog will open in which the Windows operating system already provides a drive letter. You can accept or change this default, it’s up to you.

Now enter the address of the folder you created before.

If the address is not selectable under “Folder”, go to the server and copy the address from the bar and paste it into the input field Folder

Serveradresse kopieren


Note: Please make sure that “Reconnect at login” is checked.



Below the “This PC” directory in Windows Explorer, a local drive is now displayed.

GcMail Archive will now immediately store your e-mail data on the server.

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