GcMail - E-Mail Programm

Alternative e-mail program for the Windows 7,8 and 10 operating systems

Email program with additional security features


Our e-mail program is available for the Windows 10.8 7 operating system. In addition, the e-mail program can be used on a USB stick. It can be synchronized with the PC version. GcMail Mail is a very flexible e-mail program with a variety of configuration options. You can access all important functions via the simple user interface. By the way, the e-mail program is not only suitable for occasional users, but also for "power users" in the office.

dangerous scripts, nor does it allow the start of dubious files. In addition, file attachments with duplicate extensions, overlong names or spaces are displayed completely. This means that virus attacks can often be detected at first glance. Webbugs that return information to the sender that you have opened the message are flagged and blocked. A dialog appears when you click on a link, when the link does not lead to the original web address.

Use on USB stick
Create multiple users
 S/Mime Encryption
Local encrypted databases
 Folder or program start with a password.


Price & Version

You do not receive any subscription software. The program can be used as long as you like. With a new full version you get 40% discount as a customer.

Can I use the license on more than one PC?
No, that's not possible. You need a license for each computer - USB stick.
Do I have to purchase a new license every year?
No, you don't. You can use your purchased version as long as you want. If there is a new full version such as version 10 to 11, you can purchase an upgrade license at a reduced price.
Do I get support?
Yes, of course we support you in case of problems. Please send us an e-mail.
How long do I get support?
We generally provide 12 months support by email from the date of purchase. In addition, the support service via e-mail is voluntary and there is no obligation on our part to provide it. Which does not mean that we will not continue to support.
Do I get support by phone?

No, we do not usually provide support by phone. If a problem cannot be solved by e-mail, we provide remote support. Of course we have to make phone calls! 


E-mail program plus e-mail archiving software
39,90/License incl.VAT
  • System requirements:

  • WIN 7 | WIN 8 | WIN 10
  • Languages:
  • volume discount


GcMail (Mail) has all the e-mail functions you need. In addition, other useful additional functions are included. Like the S/Mime encryption function or GcMail Mail's own encryption function. If you attach importance to security, the message folders below the storage folder or the program start can be protected with a secure password. Contacts can be created and notes can be created in the program directly from an e-mail.

In addition, our e-mail program has some archiving functions that archive your messages, message folders, mail accounts. If you need a pure e-mail archiving software you are welcome to test GcMail Archive.

A detailed program documentation can be found here


Simply install the mail program on a USB stick. Synchronize it with the PC version. So your e-mails always stay up to date.


You can sign or encrypt your e-mail messages by using your own e-mail certificate. With our e-mail program you can do this in no time at all.  Wikipedia: S/MIME Digital Signature

Folder with password

Secure the storage folder with a password so that no unauthorized person can access it.

Link window

You will receive a message if when you open an email, the target is not the original web page.

Create contacts

View your contacts in lists or tile format. With import/export function.

Web bugs

Webbugs are "hidden" requests in images. You can block and display these requests.

Multiple users

Create multiple users. A separate folder will be created for each user. By using the Global Address Book, you have access to all email addresses.

Program start with password

It is possible to link the start of the program to a password query. The storage folders for incoming mail can also be provided with a corresponding query. Unauthorized persons have no possibility to access the stored e-mails without authorization.


The e-mail program has a PDF function with which you can view, save and print your e-mails in PDF format.

Create notes

Accept a received message as a note or send a note directly as an e-mail message.

Schedule or tasks

Use the calendar functions to manage your appointments or create tasks. With import and export function in different formats.


GcMail E-Mailprogram

GcMail Mail and archives in a bundle


Screenshots - of the e-mail program

Video tutorials

Have a look at the functions

Accept contacts.

Transferring sender addresses from GcMail (Mail) is very easy.

Create mail accounts (manually)

You want to create an e-mail account in GcMail (Mail) manually, in the video you can see how this works.

Create distribution list

A distribution list can be easily created. Watch the video.

Spell check.

The video tutorial shows you how to enable spell checking in your e-mail program.

Create user

Use for multiple users. This video tutorial shows how to create another user.

Insert signature

This video shows how to create a signature and insert it into an email.

Encrypt folder.

Encrypting the folder is very easy.

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