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Alternative e-mail program for the operating system Windows 7,8, and 10


The e-mail program is available for the operating system Windows 10.8 7. Furthermore, the software can be used on a USB stick. Desktop and USB stick version can be synchronized. GcMail Mail is a very flexible e-mail program with all possible configuration options. Via the simple user interface you can access all important functions. The e-mail program, by the way, is not only suitable for the occasional user but also for the “power user” in the office.

The software does not allow the execution of dangerous scripts. Especially not the start of dubious files. In addition, file attachments with double endings, overlong names or spaces are displayed completely. This means that virus attacks can often be detected at first glance. Web bugs that return information to the sender that the message has been opened are marked and blocked. In addition, a dialog is displayed when you click on a link, and that is when the link does not lead to the original web address.

Can be used on USB stick
Create multiple users
S/Mime encryption
Local encrypted databases
Password protect folder or program start.

Price & Version

You will not receive any subscription software. The program can be used as long as you like. As a customer, you will receive a 40% discount on a new full version.

Can I use the license on multiple PCs?

No, this is not possible. You need one license for each computer – USB stick.

Do I have to purchase a new license every year?

No, you don’t. You can use your purchased version as long as you like. If there is a new full version, such as from version 10 to 11, you can purchase an upgrade license at a reduced price.

Do I receive support?

Yes, of course we will support you in case of problems. Please send us an e-mail.

How long do I receive support?

We generally provide 12 months support by e-mail from the date of purchase. Beyond that the support service via e-mail is voluntary and there is no obligation on our part to provide it. This does not mean that we do not support you further.

Do I get support by phone?

No, we usually do not provide support by phone. If a problem cannot be solved by e-mail, we provide support by remote maintenance. Of course we have to make a telephone call!

Mail program – Functions

GcMail (Mail) has all the e-mail functions you need. Beyond that you have access to further useful additional functions. Like the encryption function S/Mime or the own encryption function of GcMail Mail itself. If you attach importance to security, you can protect the message folders below the storage folder or the program start with a secure password. Both contacts can be created and notes can be created in the program directly from an e-mail.

In addition, our e-mail program has some simple archiving functions that can archive your messages, message folders, mail accounts. If you need an e-mail-only archiving software, you can use our software GcMail Archive free of charge and without obligation.

Integrate S/MIME own e-mail certificate

By using your own e-mail certificate you can sign or encrypt e-mails. The right security for your e-mail communication is an e-mail certificate. In GcMail the activation of your own certificate is done in no time.

Open link in the e-mail

If the e-mail contains a link that does not lead to the original web address contained in the e-mail, a window will open. The link can only be opened after the link address has been confirmed.

Create multiple users (private or business)

Simply create a second or third user in GcMail. When starting the program a selection window will appear listing all users that have been created.

Dates or tasks

Calendar – functions to manage appointments or create tasks. With import and export function in different formats

USB stick

GcMail can be easily installed on a USB stick and synchronized with the GcMail PC version. So your e-mails are always up to date. Simply take your e-mail program with you.

Create contacts

Display contacts in lists or in tile format. With import/export function

Provide program start with password

If you provide the program start with a password, nobody can start the software without your password.

Assign password to folder

Folders whose contents you do not want anyone to see can easily be password protected. The access to this folder is then only possible with the created password.


Webbugs are “hidden” requests in images. You can block and display these requests.

Own encryption function

The software has its own e-mail encryption function. Your recipient must use GcMail to read the message and know the password.

Create notes

Save a received message as a note or create notes and directly create an email message from it.

PDF features

Using the PDF function, e-mails can be saved, viewed and printed in PDF format.


Screenshots – of the e-mail program

Video Tutorials

Have a look at the functions

Kontakte übernehmen.

Absenderadressen aus GcMail (Mail) übernehmen, das geht sehr einfach.

Mailkonten erstellen (manuell)

Sie möchten ein E-Mailkonto in GcMail (Mail) manuell erstellen,  im Video sehen Sie wie das geht.

Verteilerliste erstellen

Eine Verteilerliste kann ganz leicht erstellt werden. Schauen Sie in Video.


Das Video-Totorial zeigt, wie Sie im E-Mailprogramm die Rechtschreibprüfung aktivieren können.

Benutzer anlegen

Mehrbenutzerfähig nutzen. In diesem Video-Tutorial wird gezeigt, wie man einen weiteren Benutzer anlegen kann.

Signatur einfügen

In diesem Video wird gezeigt, wie Sie eine Signatur erstellen und in eine E-Mail eingefügt wird.

Ordner verschlüsseln.

Verschlüsseln der Ordner geht ganz einfach.

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