Whats New

Read the Whats New to find out which changes or corrections have been made.

Whats New – Changes and improvements in e-mail program

Version (Published 22.05.2019)
  • Workaround for incorrectly encoded (UTF-8) e-mails
  • small improvements and additions
Version  (Published 02.04.2019)
  • Workaround for incorrect coding (UTF-8) in plain format
  • small improvements and additions
Version  (Published 15.03.2019)
  • Incorrect encoding (UTF-8) of received messages leads to incomplete displayed mails (plain text messages only) (fixed)
  • small improvements and additions
Version  (Published 13.01.2019)
  • Contact window view lists are not saved (fixed)
  • The whitelist of sender addresses is not activated during webbug check (fixed)
  • Delete button sometimes cannot be activated when changing folders (fixed)
  • Save Pop3 account of a sent copy can be deactivated
  • small improvements and additions
Version  (Published 03.09.2018)
  • (NEW) Activating or deactivating the fast band menu
  • Provider-Liste angepasst
  • small improvements and additions
Version  (Published 21.05.2018)
  • Adapt DGVO
  • small improvements and additions
Version  (Published 04.04.2018)
  • Corrections window position: Some dialogs on two screens
  • Thunderbird import does not always work
  • Open Rohmail with standard text format application
  • Delete mail from message list, missing in context menu.
  • Copy is not active in the context menu in the viewport of a single mail.
  • small improvements and additions
Version  (Published 01.02.2018)
  • Error when sending with the domains live.de and outlook.com (fixed)
  • Exit on left menu bar (fixed)
  • Program start with Windows incorrect (fixed)
Version  (Published 09.01.2018)
  • Delete contacts. Refresh not always complete (fixed)
  • Main window Change to account node: No refresh for account names in list (fixed)
  • After deleting a mail, only every second mail is displayed next (improved)
  • Smilies error message when clicking next to Smiley (fixed)
  • Registration on a USB stick not successful if previously installed on main computer (fixed)
  • Blind-Icons are not displayed in Windows 7 styles because of similar background color (fast ribbon menu) (fixed)
Version  (Published 20.12.2017)
  • Pop3-Folder: When deleting several mails program errors possible
Version (Published 18.12.2017)
  • The signature is not updated when the sender changes.
  • Write new mail: The paragraph spacing set in Options is not applied.
Version  (Published 16.12.2017)
  • Fast band icon “Synchronize” is not updated correctly (fixed)
Version  (Published 12.12.2017)

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