Overview of the features of the e-mail program

Email features

GcMail (Mail) has all the e-mail features you need. In addition, other useful additional features are included. Like the S/mime encryption function or GcMail Mail’s own encryption function. If you attach importance to security, the message folders below the storage folder or the program start can be protected with a secure password.

In addition, our e-mail software has some archiving functions that back up your messages, message folders, mail accounts.

  Can be used on USB stick.
  Save messages directly to PDF format.
  Protect folder with password
  S/Mime encryption function/signing
  Password protected program start



Simply install the mail program on a USB stick and synchronize it with the PC version. So the data will always be up to date.

Folder with password

Secure your filing folders with a password so that no unauthorized person can access them.

PDF - Function

The software has a function with which you can view, print or save your messages.

Program start

Provide the start of our e-mail program with a secure password so that nobody has access to your messages. There is no better way to protect your messages.



Import your email messages from Thunderbird, in Mbox format or export your messages to eml, Mbox format.


Webbugs are requests “hidden” in images. You can block and display these requests.


Use your own e-mail certificate and sign or encrypt your e-mail messages. With our email program you can do this in no time at all.


Fast band menu

Activate or deactivate the fast band menu depending on how you want to design the program interface.

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