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The download of our software is free of charge. Our software is shareware and can be tested for 30 days without restrictions. As soon as the free trial period is finished, the program will be locked automatically. As a result, the software can no longer be started. If you would like to continue using the program afterwards, you must purchase a license. This can also be done later if you have not uninstalled the program in the meantime.

Customers can download their software version in Customer Area. Here you can also find your license.

Download GcMail (Mail)


System requirements:
Windows WIN 7 | WIN 8 | WIN 10
Languages: German/English
File size: ca. 40 MB
Latest Version

E-Mail Archiving

System requirements:
Windows WIN 7 | WIN 8 | WIN 10
Languages: German
File size: ca. 35 MB
Latest Version


Password Manager

System requirements:
Windows WIN 7 | WIN 8 | WIN 10
File size: ca. 17 MB
Latest Version

Installation note
If you have locked the public documents folder by an antivirus program, it will be necessary to release the folder for installation. Our e-mail program and our password manager will create some files in it during the installation. After the installation is finished, you can lock the Documents folder again. After that, release the program.exe for access. The settings do not have to be made for GcMail Archive.
Customer module

Remote maintenance in English is not possible.
This support service is voluntary and there is no obligation on our part to perform remote maintenance. This is why we only offer support if a solution via e-mail was not possible before. As a result, an employee will offer to perform remote maintenance. Provided you want to have this free remote maintenance done. Before remote maintenance can begin, you must have the

Kunden-Modul pcvisit Support 15.0 starten

About Windows 7

If you do not see any smileys in the menu bar of our e-mail program, you are missing the font Segoe UI Emoji. In order for the smileys to appear in the menu bar, you need to install the font. Furthermore, this only affects the operating system Windows 7. If this is the case with you, you will find a detailed explanation in our FAQ.


Freeware Version
A freeware version of GcMail Mail is currently not available.
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