Compare features

Here you can compare features our freeware and our full version the e-mail functions. In addition, our e-mail program has all the functions you need to write and send a message. The main differences are listed below in the table. Of course, GcMail has many additional and useful features that are not included in the short overview.


Freeware versionfull version
Create e-mail accounts1unlimited
IMAPpeil homepeil home
POP3peil homepeil home
S / MIME (Signing / Encrypting)errorpeil home
IDLE function (IMAP)errorpeil home
calendarerrorpeil home
Synchronize Google Calendarerrorpeil home
Import calendar data to Outlookerrorpeil home
Notespeil homepeil home
Synchronize with USB stickpeil homepeil home
Create messages with templateerrorpeil home
Multi-user capableerrorpeil home
Searchpeil homepeil home
Advanced searcherrorpeil home
Color setting program interfaceerrorpeil home
Folder archiving / readingerrorpeil home
Archiving and reading messageserrorpeil home
backuperrorpeil home
Make notes for a mailerrorpeil home
Import / export messagespeil homepeil home
Encrypt messages before sendingerrorpeil home
Encrypt folderpeil homepeil home
Import / export contactspeil homepeil home
Import Google, Outlook, and Live Mail contactserrorpeil home
Filter ruleserrorpeil home
Re-send the messagepeil homepeil home
Send message as attachment (html / eml format)peil homepeil home
Spell Checkpeil homepeil home
Spelling check before shipmentpeil homepeil home
Select the spelling in the new message dialogerrorpeil home
Text moduleserrorpeil home
Anhang/Anhänge vor Versand zippenpeil homepeil home
Background color / image in messagepeil homepeil home
Read receiptpeil homepeil home
Support per Mail – Kundenbereicherrorpeil home
Runtime limited
Version 5: 2 years
*no, can be used without restriction
30 days trial version

*Freeware version 5 is based on the GcMail full version 8 and can be used for 2 years. After the expiration you either change to a new freeware version (if you have already published it) or you write and send us a message to Support (at) We will of course unblock you again.