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This is what you get when you buy our software

You will receive support by e-mail. In addition, we also carry out remote maintenance in difficult cases. This service is free of charge for our customers. All products work under the operating system versions, Windows 7,8, and 10.

Upgrade - Licenses

Upgrade licenses for GcMail Mail, Archive and Password Manager can only be purchased via the customer area. You will receive a 40 % discount on the respective new full version. Please log in.

If you no longer have any login data available or your e-mail address has changed, you will not be able to send a new password. Then please send us a message to support(et)


Do you have any questions before buying ?

Can I use the license on more than one PC?
No, that's not possible. You need a license for each computer - USB stick.
Do I have to purchase a new license every year?
No, you don't. You can use your purchased version as long as you want. If there is a new full version such as version 10 to 11, you can purchase an upgrade license at a reduced price.
Do I get support?
Yes, of course we support you in case of problems. Please send us an e-mail.
How long do I get support?
We generally provide 12 months support by email from the date of purchase. In addition, the support service via e-mail is voluntary and there is no obligation on our part to provide it. Which does not mean that we will not continue to support.
Do I get support by phone?
No, we do not usually provide support by phone. If a problem cannot be solved by e-mail, we provide remote support. This support service is voluntary and there is no obligation on our part to perform remote maintenance.

You have any questions? We are at your disposal.