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 E-Mail Archive for secure archiving and storage of your e-mail messages

E-mail archiving that securely archives your e-mail


The reliable e-mail archiving software. The software supports you in archiving your important e-mail messages. The data is archived in a local, encrypted database, where the storage space can be freely selected. In addition, the data folder can be stored on a separate server and accessed via mapping.

If you need an e-mail urgently, use the advanced search function in the e-mail archive and your e-mail will be found very quickly. Messages can be transferred from all common e-mail accounts into the e-mail archive. No additional e-mail program is necessary.

The e-mail accounts are created directly in the e-mail archive. As soon as the mailboxes are retrieved, the e-mails plus attachments are securely archived.

The GcMail Archive has a variety of export functions, including exporting to your IMAP e-mail accounts.

The e-mails including the e-mail attachments are archived in an unalterable way.

e-mail archivierung complete
e-mail archivierung tamper-proof
e-mail archivierung machine readable
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Price & Version

GcMail Archive is not subscriber software. The license fee is charged once for the respective full version of the software. This version can be used as long as you want. When a new full version is released, our customers always receive a 40% discount.

Updates of the respective full version are always made available to our customers free of charge.


Can I use the license on multiple PCs?

No, this is not possible. You need one license for each computer – USB stick.

Do I have to purchase a new license every year?

No, you don’t. You can use your purchased version as long as you like. If there is a new full version, such as from version 10 to 11, you can purchase an upgrade license at a reduced price.

Do I receive support?

Yes, of course we will support you in case of problems. Please send us an e-mail.

How long do I receive support?

We generally provide 12 months support by e-mail from the date of purchase. Beyond that the support service via e-mail is voluntary and there is no obligation on our part to provide it. This does not mean that we do not support you further.

Do I get support by phone?

No, we usually do not provide support by phone.

E-Mail Archiving – Functions

GcMail Archive archives the most important e-mail messages directly from your e-mail inbox. The messages are stored in a secure and encrypted local database. In addition, the e-mails are saved in an unchangeable and indexable format. It is therefore not possible to manipulate an e-mail in GcMail Archive.

Import locally stored e-mail messages into the archive, if you use for example Thunderbird, GcMail (version 7 or higher), or Outlook.

You can find a detailed program documentation here (german)

Moving the mailboxes

Move a mailbox to another mailbox in the archive.

Move archive folder

Move the archive folder from within the program or directly during installation. The data folder can be stored on an external hard disk or in a network folder (own server).

PDF format

Messages can be viewed, saved and printed in PDF format. In the PDF file an additional note is added in the header lines when the e-mail message was archived.

Password of the local database

The password – of the local databases can be easily changed. Furthermore, the program start can be protected with a secure password.  It is even possible to store the password directly on a USB stick. This has the advantage that the program is started without entering the password.

Export – Function

With the Export function, an archived message can be exported to an e-mail mailbox (mail server) via the IMAP protocol. For this purpose a separate mailbox named GcMail Archive is created when exporting the message. Depending on which e-mail program is used, the folder must be subscribed to if it is not read automatically.

If you already use our e-mail program GcMail Mail (version 7 or higher), you can select the e-mail account directly via the program menu / Export by clicking on the button GcMail.



A secure, simple backup function in GcMail Archive is already included. In addition, a time interval can be set under the options to receive a reminder when the backup is started.


Full text search

GcMail Archive has an arrow-quick full-text search function that searches large volumes of data in a wide variety of formats in a very short time.

Import functions

With the extensive import functions, e-mails can be imported directly from Thunderbird, Outlook, GcMail and in the MBOX.


For example:
✓ synchronize all mailboxes simultaneously.
✓ view or save in PDF.
✓ View archived messages from Outlook.
✓ Move email within the archive.
✓ Save messages as a copy to another mailbox.
✓ extensive protocols.
✓ Display mail in full screen mode
✓ Print and print preview.
✓ Edit imported e-mail accounts.
✓ an arrow-quick search in the database

News about the new updates

GcMail Archive – e-mail archiving


Screenshots – the email archiving software

Video Tutorials

Lokalen Ordner von Outlook importieren

Archiv-Konten anlegen von IMAP-POP3 Postfächer

Lokale Ordner von Thunderbird importieren.

Archiv-Konten anlegen aus GcMail (Mail)

Import von anderem Verzeichnis wie Festplatte USB-Stick etc

Lokale Ordner aus GcMail (Mail) importieren.

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