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GcMail maip program

GcMail (10) is an e-mail program for the Windows 7.8 and 10 operating systems and is a very flexible mail client with a variety of configuration options, yet easy to use. It is an e-mail program that is suitable for both the occasional user and the "power user" in the office.

GcMail (10) does not allow the execution of dangerous scripts nor the start of dubious files. In addition, file attachments with duplicate extensions, extra-long names or spaces in the name are actually displayed in this way.

Virus attacks can often be unmasked at first glance when it becomes clear that a supposed PDF file is in fact a dangerous script PIF file. In addition, web bugs that give the sender information that you have opened the message can be marked and blocked in the emails. If you click on links in the e-mail that do not lead to the original web address, you will be notified of this in a dialog.


Webbugs- Tracking pixels


Web Bugs

Web bugs are"hidden" requests in images. These requests can be blocked and displayed.


E-Mail Certificate


E-Mail Certificate

Use your own e-mail certificate (S/MIME) and sign or encrypt your e-mails.


Archive messages or folders



Whether you archive your messages, attachments or entire folders. With our e-mail program a lot is possible.




Use on USB stick

GcMail (10) can be easily installed on a USB stick and synchronized with the PC version.

Overview of functions

Get an overview of our e-mail program

You will notice that the incredibly easy to use program interface, as well as the additional functionality and configuration variety will not overwhelm even inexperienced users. Everything is very easy to operate and set up.


Functions of our e-mail program

What you need for secure e-mail communication

GcMail (10) is an e-mail program for the operating system Windows 7.8, and 10. The incredibly easy to use interface, as well as the variety of functions and configurations, will not overwhelm even inexperienced users.

If you want to encrypt and sign your messages securely, simply use the S/MIME encryption function

  • S/MIME for signature and encryption
  • Password-protected folder
  • Program start with password
  • Multi-user capable

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