Compare Functions

Difference between the freeware and the full version of GcMail (Mail)


Please always download the
original exe. File from our website.
Here you can compare the e-mail functions between our freeware and our full version. In addition, our e-mail program all functions you need to write and send a message. The most important differences are listed in the table below. Of course, GcMail has many additional and useful functions that are not included in the short overview.

The freeware version is based on the GcMail full version 8 and is usable for 2 years. After expiration you either change to a new freeware version (if already published) or you write us a message on request (at) We will of course unlock them for you again.

Overview of the finishes

Freeware version     Full version
Create E-Mail Accounts 1 unrestricted
IMAP ok ok
POP3 ok ok
S/MIME (Signing/Encrypting) ok ok
IDLE Function (IMAP) ok ok
Calendar ok ok
Calendar import ok ok
Notices ok ok
Synchronize with USB stick ok ok
Advanced search ok ok
Import backup ok ok
News import/export ok ok
Import/export contacts ok ok
Filter rules (POP3) ok ok
Spell check on sending ok ok
Spell check before sending ok ok
Text modules ok ok
Multi-user function ok ok
Archive/read messages ok ok
Archive/read folder ok ok
Support by mail ok ok
Term limited ok no