Feature at a glance

Feature at a glance



GcMail has about all feature which are needed in an email programme. In addition, GcMail has other useful functions which the work will make easier for you. They can dispatch your message encoded. Besides it is also possible to encode local folder and it is also possible to encode local folder.

Test the programme and see yourselves.


Whether you your messages, attachments or entire folders to archive want, with GcMail you have many archiving functions.

Import / sync

Import / sync your Google or Outlook and LiveMail calendar



GcMail is easy to install on a USB stick


Create multiple users and encrypt this with password.. No one can this user-account open without knowing the password.

Import contacts

Import / sync your Google, LiveMail, or Outlook contacts

Color - user interface

There are different color variations to choose from


Note to the E-Mail

Write a note to your email.  The message will be colored.


Search / Advanced

The program has an advanced search functions, which it easier makes the messages to find.